‘Until you touch the rain’: Online Exhibition

Anandan PAnil T PrabhakarAnu K PeterBiju PaulBijulal MDBina MenonDineshbabu NVDr. Krishnakumar MechoorDr. Linto JohnDr. MaheshDr. Pramod MenonDr. Rahul J.Jairaj EluvathingalJayadev KumarKalidas PavithranMuraleekrishnan Thekke VeettilNiranjandas SharmaPrasanth SasidharanRajeev MannayamRajesh KrishnanRanjit SadanandanRoy OommenSadath PKSaidalavi AVSajeev KrishnanSajithkumar KBSali MonSuneer Mohamed

‘Conversations’: Online Exhibition

Ajay PangilAjeesh PuthiyadathAkhil RSAnandanAnoop PSBiju PaulBijulal MDDinesh BabuDinesh MarayilDr. Krishnakumar MechoorDr. Mahesh KHaseeb C MJairajJayadev KumarJayakumar MN.Jayakumar MNKrishna MadhuLinto JohnM A LatheefManu ReghurajanMohammed ShaheerMusafar AliNicy NidhiNidheesh NarayananPramod MenonPrasanth PRRajeev MannayamRakesh ShankarRoy OommenSadath PKSajeev KrishnanSaleem MoopenSalimSalimonShahul AmeenShaji HussainShihabSibu SadanSreejith Sreedharan

‘Movement’: Online Exhibition

Anandan PAngel MathewsAnish KaringattilArya PVBiju NairBijulal MDDinesh Babu KannurDr. Mohammed ShaheerDr. Mohammed ShaheerDr. Mohammed ShaheerDr. Saleem MoopenJayakumar M.N.Jayakumar M.N.Dr. Krishnakumar MechoorM.A. LatheefNadeem MundokilNidheesh NarayananAjeesh PuthiyadathPrasanth P.R.R. SudhakarRajeev MannayamRoy Oommen.Roy OommenSadath P.K.Sajeev KrishnanSalim MullappillySalimonSathyan K.M.Shagi A.K.Shaji HussainSooraj RajanSrivatsava

Inception by Mr. Arun Inham

‘INCEPTION’ is a series of programs by PhotoMuse that showcases new photographic work by its members, patrons, and other associates. The program envisages a dynamic platform for exhibiting new project-based photography created after 2015 about various subject matters of personal choice. We are much delighted to introduce the works by Mr. Arun Inham പൂർണത (perfection),…

‘POWER’: Online Exhibition

Power is what keeps everything and everyone moving. At the same time, it keeps everything bonded. Expressing itself in infinite forms ranging from gravity to electricity, and from repulsion to love, power is omnipresent as well as omnipotent. Visual representation of power can hence be highly engaging and appreciably challenging. Ajeesh PuthiyadathAnil T PrabhakarAnish KaringattilAnu…

‘CHAOS’: Online Exhibition

Chaos is a state of disorder, confusion and unpredictability in systems like manmade spaces, families, streets, societies and Nature. While chaos can itself be a subject for photography, discovering order in the apparent disorder of the chaotic system is also one. Chaos exists everywhere from the mind of a person to the infinite cosmic space,…

‘Silence’: Online exhibition

Silence (absence of sound) is clearly an auditory faculty. Since we are dealing with a visual medium, it is good to think about how we are going to express the idea of silence into a visually readable photograph. It demands a serious thought into the concept of visual silence and an interpretation of the same…