If you require any further details regarding this museum,
Please contact at the following address:

The Better Art Foundation
PHOTOMUSE Project Office,
Pady P.O., Kodali, Via Kodakara,
Thrissur District, Kerala – 680699


GPS: 10.3771913,76.3690823

Contact Numbers
+91 9745258575 (Mr. Sreenivasan Pullarikkal, Office Manager)
+91 9895890510 (Dr. Biju Ramankutty, Chief Development Officer)
+91 9895020826 (Mr.Praveen P. Mohandas, Director of Programs and Projects)
+91 9495015772 (Mr. Nandakumar Moodadi, Academic Director)
+91 9745039940 (Mr. Pradeep Menon, General Manager)
+91 9745126668 (Official) 9446508102 (Personal) (Dr. Unni Krishnan Pulikkal S., Museum Director )

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