These are people who advise, support, contribute, criticise and guide us through all our endeavours. All of them, listed here in random, are equally significant to the success of the Museum.

Mr. Uwe Holz

Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany
(Chief of Cultural Affairs, Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Germany)

Mr. Herbert Ascherman Jr.

Cleveland, Ohio, USA
(Photographer, Platinum Print-maker, Photo Historian and Director of Cleveland Photo Fest)

Prof. Vijayakumar Menon
Kerala, India
(Art Historian)

Dr. Lutz Gabriel

Berlin, Germany
(Nature Photographer, Naturalist and Cardiologist)

Prof. George S.Paul
Kerala, India
(Art Writer, Journalist and Teacher)

Mr. Theo Berends

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
(Fine Art Photographer)

Dr. P.S. Easa

Kerala, India
(Wildlife Biologist, Former Director, Kerala Forest Research Institute.)

Prof. K.G.Soman
Kerala, India
(Film Historian, Cinematographer, Former Professor of Cinematography, FTII Pune)

Mr. Joy Kaitharath

Kerala, India
(Socio-cultural and Human Rights Activist)

Special Consultants

Ms. Jamye Jamison
(Conservator, Intermuseum Conservation Association, Cleveland, USA)

Dr. George Mathew
(Entomologist, Scientist Emeritus, KFRI)

Mr. Paul Maurer
(Photographer, Paris, France)

Mr. K.K. Sasi
(Painter and Teacher of Modern Arts)

Dr. P.O. Nameer
(Wildlife Biologist & Ornithologist)

Mr. K.Anilkumar
(Fine Art & Fashion Photographer)

Mr. V.C. Balakrishnan

Mr. Suresh Elamon
(Photographer, Film Maker)

Mr. Balan Madhavan
(Nature Photographer)

Resource Persons

Mr. Jurgen Horn
(President, Photographic Society of Germany)

Mr. Dileep Anthikkadu
(Bird Photographer and Conservationist)

Mr. Prabhu Mensana
(Photographer, Film Maker and Asst. Conservator of Forests)

Mr. Jayan Narayanan
(Painter, Photographer, Graphic Designer)