The Museum has the duty to acquire, preserve and promote its collections as a contribution to safeguarding the natural, cultural and scientific heritage of humanity. Its collections are a significant public inheritance, have a special position in law and are protected by international legislation. Inherent in this public trust is the notion of stewardship that includes rightful ownership, permanence, documentation, accessibility and responsible disposal.

The Museum collects photographic objects and any other object/s that is/are directly or indirectly related to, or contributing to the knowledge about, the photographic object collected. The photographic objects may include prints, digital photographs, photographic instruments or accessories, negatives, transparencies, albums, photo-books, posters, postcards, leaflets, motion-pictures and digital/printed documents related to, or contributing to the knowledge about, the photographic object collected. All objects are preserved in temperature, humidity and dust controlled museum conditions.

What is collected
Antique Photographic equipment
Photographic Prints
Digital Photographs
Photo Reproductions
Photo-Books, Albums
Negatives & Transparencies
Motion Picture

What is done
Cultural Exchange
Media Productions
Environmental Education

Special Collections
1. PHOTOMUSE Photographic History Collection
Includes photographs that reveal the medium’s status as a genre of art and science, right from 1830s to the contemporary.

2. PHOTOMUSE Cultural & Social History Collection
Includes photographs that demonstrate the documentary character of the medium with respect to International and National political history, culture, social history and ethnography.

3. PHOTOMUSE Natural History Collection
Includes photographs that portray the natural wealth of Earth and its inhabitants. It also includes images that show the threats and injuries to environment and ecosystems.

4. PHOTOMUSE National Portrait Collection
Includes portraits of people originally from Indian subcontinent, including the aboriginals, tribes and the modern. Its focus will be on portraiture as a genre of photography with its artistic and documentary values.

5. PHOTOMUSE Motion Picture (Documentary) Collection
Includes motion picture documentaries on Photography, Art & Culture, Nature & Environment and the Humanities.

6. PHOTOMUSE Motion Picture (Short Film) Collection
A collection of Indian and international shortfilms.


Antique Photographic Equipment: 340
Antique Prints: 1765
Documents: 58
Historic Digital Photographs: 8714
Others: 2528