The Museum needs your support to sustain and engage in its committed mission. Being a not-for-profit organisation that runs under a legalized charitable trust in India, its your donations that help us meet our overheads, engage in educational and public outreach programs, moreover, help us acquire and preserve museum collections for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Any amount, be it small or big, counts. Only you can do this. Support us. When you do this, you are helping a boy or girl to grow into a responsible citizen who Loves art, Cares for Nature and Respects Humanity. Feel the pleasure of giving.
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1. The Better Art Foundation has 12AA registration with the Department of Income Tax. The contributor is eligible for income tax exemption u/s 80G.
2. The member/donor will receive certificate/receipt for their donation within 14 working days.
3. Membership once paid are non-refundable for any reason or any cancellation.
4. Termination of the membership in BAF during the effective period will NOT make the member eligible for a refund.
5. If the member paid twice for one transaction, the one transaction amount will be refunded via the same source within 07 to 10 working days.

Privacy Policy:
BAF- PhotoMuse will not share any of your personal data with any other third party.

Return Policy:
BAF- PhotoMuse cannot return any of the donations made through this channel. In case of any grievances, or for any other support, please contact PhotoMuse Project Office.

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